Orlando furioso

From the original Ariosto’s poem to the present time, to contemporary. This is the story not only of ill-fated Orlando, who fell in love with Angelica, and got mad, but also the story of the Christian armies that risk to lose France without the help of their brave hero; and then, the story of Orlando' s lost wisdom, recovered by Astolfo on the Moon and rendered to the owner, letting him take his place in ranking again. Though videos we move the audience to the heart of the tale where Orlando, lost, furious, mad wander about an apocalyptic scenery hunting for his sense. Videos and images are used to create surreal atmosphere, leaving an astonished audience rapt with scenes about distant wars, past or contemporary conflicts... Images revise as present reportage. Comic theatrical scenes are opposed to the savage, and sometimes cruel, ones proposed by videos: this contrast influenced deeply the entire show. Special guests:  Carla Tatò and Carlo Quartucci Original Soundtrack composed and performed by: Piccola Banda Ikona Staff: 8 actors + 2 technicians + musicians (if it's required) Running time: 75 min. Venue: this show is suitable for large size in-doors and historical opened spaces. It can be performed in Italian and English, and subtitled in any languages using 3 wide screens. Languages: It can be performed in Italian and English, and subtitled in any languages using 3 wide screens. Target: any age bracket. Understandable to an international audience. It can host up to 1.200 audience. SUBTITLES required
The chivalrous epic poetry takes form with its chases, misunderstandings, encounters, losses, horse ridings, spirit nobility and fight pride. Unavoidable to arrive to comic, opening “theatre into theatre” moments remembering tradition tied up with this genre. Winged monsters, magicians, old hags and magic spells will create a fantastic imagination, along a zigzag outline with human being in centre and its never-ending roaming looking for something can satisfy the existence. The Ariosto’s Lirica, and the deep impact interpretation moments live throughout the images and voices of Tatò/Quartucci. The religious war between Orient and Occident told by Ariosto, is transposed at the end in a strong impact contemporary wars moving picture on the background screen; among wide shots and close up, dancing bodies, mechanics motions and easing in frames.
MUSIC Music "wait on" scene but at the same time is the main character. Notes enrich the show, which want to be a complete event: a performance joining together several art fields to get an innovative and rich product in every expressive form.   STYLE Three wide screens will create atmosphere and installation during the show unique in its genre. From surreal setting and dream sights to grotesque details, from harrowing images to contemporary facts. The video is a guide and careful consideration and it will go with the vision of the stronger and sombre images, and it will dialogue straight with live acting. Than, the relationship with video is the characteristic element both frame and film version. During its making of some proper scenes have been created to be projected on the screen. This is so that it will overdraw the mental dimension of the Orlando’s craziness, or to develop dreaming images, or to create surreal environment. Video is characterized by exceptional performer such as Carla Tatò and Carlo Quartucci. SCENE MACHINERIES Instead, objects and scenery machines have another value in the show: they are iron constructions on wheels, symbolic structures want to be like the echo of knight battles in people’s imagination, made of body armours, horses and fights. Created and designed as ironed-moving sculpture, made of empty and filled spaces, with particular mechanical movements, machinery uses are: a hippogriffs, a huge skirt, a pulpit, a mechanical theatre, trees, seas, ships, horses
SPAZIO Dimensioni ideali : 12 mt X 10 mt e un’area libera per almeno 7 mt di altezza a causa delle dimensioni di strutture fisse ELECTRICITA’ 380 Volt plug 5 poli (per luci e audio) 32 Ampere / 36 KW CEE LUCI * 25 spot teatrali - PC 1000 watt – completi * 8 sagomatori * mixer 24 canali * cablaggi * 06 dimmer 6X2,5 Kw * 01 quadro per 6 dimmer * 01 console luci MX 48 ch STRAND * caveria ed accessori * IN ESTERNO: 2 wind-up stands o torri luci (ad esempio sistema Thomas o Layer) 3 americane sopra palco SUONO * Fonica: 2 minidisc deck (portati dalla compagnia) * 01 mixer audio 16 ch MIDAS * 01 impianto DELTAMAX (o analogo) 2.500 W + 02 sub * 02 monitor SX 200 E.V. * 01 finale CREST 901 * 09 radiomicrofoni SHURE UHF archetto * 01 rack effetti (1 eq.1 compressore, 1 reverbero) VIDEO * 3 video proiettori 5000 ansi-lumen (di cui uno fornito dalla compagnia) * SUFFICIENTI pedane passacavo per posizionamento cavi impianto video >> Per una scheda tecnica dettagliata e approfondita, contattateci.