Meraviglia !

“The world will never languish for lack of wonders, but only when man ceases to be amazed.”

Gilbert Keith Chesterton


How would the world be if adults looked at it with the same look of children?

What would happen if the curiosity of innocence still surprised us?

The answer is contained in one word: Wonder!

A surreal journey and a dreamlike vision able to bring the adults back in time, when they still kept that feeling of wonder and amazement that can be caused by a great scenic machinery.

A girl wakes up one morning in a “non-place” where she is greeted by a time keeper. He will let her know, retrace, explore the emotions of time and the sense of places, the cyclical dance of the seasons.

Emotional suggestion, machinery and surreal characters, through the physical theater, the nouveau cirque and the gesture, will provoke the spectator giving life to a visual language of strong impact, able to dialogue with people of every age, ethnicity and culture and to reach an international audience.

A production for: ROMAEUROPA Festival 2018

Staff: 5 (actors / actresses)

Duration: 45 min. approx.

Language: NO TEXT – show NOT VERBAL

Techniques: Music / Contemporary Circus / Physical Theater / Machinery

Public target: family show

Ideal situation: frontal / semicircular – about 700


Directed by: Marco Paciotti

from an IDEA of: ONDADURTO TEATRO / Lorenzo Pasquali and Marco Paciotti


Machinery and Objects ideation: Lorenzo Pasquali / Massimo Carsetti

Implementation of Machinery and Objects: Dario Vandelli

Original Music: Stefano Saletti

Costumes Design: K.B. Project

Lights and Videos design: Roberto Mazzaro

Sometimes at night we wake up, and for a fraction of a second we do not recognize what surrounds us, sometimes not even ourselves.

“Where am I? Who am I?”  Then the images lighten up: “it’s me”.

But this time it’s dark.


A girl opens her eyes, maybe she has just woken up, maybe …

She has a surreal figure next to her who will lead her through the discovery of the passing of the days, of the cycle of the seasons.


Immersed in the Spring, it will rediscover the amazement in front of a blooming flower, in front of the changing of a landscape that is born.

The carefree dance of the puffy white clouds will leave her under the scorching sun of a frenetic Summer. And it is precisely among the noisy noises of the summer euphoria that she will rediscover the pleasure of a drop of water on the heated skin.

But here the chaos leaves room for the timid noises of a landscape that is going to sleep, to rest, after the wild summer excesses.

The trees are transformed into spirits that walk our traveler in the gloomy Autumn atmosphere. Finally, Winter, with its calm and its silence accompanied by a dancing Moon, leaves her without answers, but with a new awareness.


We have divided the time: the snow on one side, the sun on the other.

We have given a name to the seasons to fill our hunger for answers.

We have found a rational order made of seconds, minutes, hours.

Maybe one possible answer is that we are the time!

The original music, composed by Stefano Saletti, was created starting from a question: is it possible to get music from raw materials?

Is iron really such a rough material that you can play with it only using violence?

What sound could come from the vibration of a steel plate?

How would simple electric cable tubes sound? What if all these materials began to sing? … WONDER! For every material a sound, for every sound a fantastic world, a suggestion, a color, a story.

The sound will open to the viewer several imaginary worlds linked to the wonder of nature.

The research in “MERAVIGLIA!”, aimed precisely at capturing the imagination, also happens thanks to the costumes that are inspired by nature and, through surreal shapes and structures, design the space.

Real performative bodies made of volumes, lines, full and empty, which amplify, deform, decompose the presence of the performers who act.

Dancing architectures that enhance the work and research of the company that for the occasion is forge an important collaboration with the visionary duo K.B. Project.

The use of video projections is influenced by the balance between different media.

Closely connected to the dramaturgical structure, video projections are an integral part of the show, just like music, actors and machinery.

The projection invades different spaces, playing with empty and full surfaces: the images are dismantled, transformed, multiplied, never the same.

Video projections become virtual scenarios in movement and in continuous transformation.

Not a fixed image on static and prefixed screens, but a dynamic projection in movement.