Crash flight

Crash Flight is a dreamlike and surreal show, a performance that interacts organically with the venue where it takes place, with the setting and the surrounding architectures, by creating an intense and completely unique live experience. Unreality blends with reality.

An old man is helped by an inventor and his crazy assistant to realize his big desire: the desire to fly! A flying machine, a carousel / machinery operated by the live action of the performers. Just when all hope seems lost… our hero is finally able to fly, to hover at last in the sky and return a child. The use of moving scene machineries and the choice of a not verbal show make the event enjoyable to an heterogeneous target.

Directed by: M. Paciotti/L. Pasquali
Machineries: L. Pasquali/M. Carsetti
Staff: 7 on tour
Running time: 60 min.
Venue: show suitable for open spaces and historical locations
Language: NO TEXT – no verbal show
Target: any age bracket. It can host up to 800 audience
Suitable to an international audience
Miscellaneous: Use of pyrotechnic effects

It begins with an old man who appears to the public, it is a glimpse of his daily life. His daily routine: wake up, brush his teeth, make coffee, go to the park. But suddenly something changes, the space is transformed: slowly the memories, desires, illusions and the past loves of our protagonist come to life … and while he looks to the moon, an inventor / scientist and his wacky assistant meet him accidentally. Through clumsy and disastrous attempts, our old man and the scientist are trying to build a fantabulous machine that will allow him to take flight: a carousel / machinery operated by the live action of the performers. But just when all hope seems lost, our hero will finally be able to fly and to be reunited with his eternal love… and who knows, maybe he can go back to being a child … A performance that wraps the audience in a playful dance!
MACHINERIES The machineries used are the result of research in the field of structures and mechanical objects that the group has made since its inception. The machineries are manipulated by the performers who are actors / manipulators. All the structures are build with industrial “waste” materials, recovered just before being thrown in the dump and get back to a new form and life. An airplane on a movie dolly, a laboratory for a crazy scientist, an sparkling armchair. The spectacle uses two performative levels through the use of mobile platforms. There is a first level to the ground and a second-one to one meter in height in order to provide a better view by the entire audience.
STAGE AREA Best Size: 10 m x 10 m just as show-area Height above the stage: 10 meters must be free for scenic structures as well as enabling the use of pyrotechnics effects. ELECTRICITY 380 Volt plug 5 pole (for light and sound) 32 Ampere / 15 KW CEE LIGHT * 14 PC or FRESNEL 1000 watt – (with flags and color) – theatrical spot >> no PAR, no PC 500 watt, no LED light, no multicolor light * 4 PAR64 1000 watt * 1 follow spot 2000 watt – put it on a small high point. >> We need the light passing up to the head of the audience * 1 mixer 24 way * 2 wind-up stands * 2 Lift Stand * 1 Trus 6 mt * 1 intercom * cables SOUND * 1 audio mixer 6 way * 4 PA speakers with amplification – 2.500 watt * 02 monitors wedge >> For further details about tech. rider please contact us

[...] The mind struggles to grasp trough the wealth of meanings that overlap [...] moments of poetry and dance alternate with hilarious scenes, leaving no respite. [...] The final twist with the entry of the dolly machinery operated manually that masterfully makes the sensation of flight, the excitement of the trip through the atmosphere and the intangible dimensions of existence. […]
Pensieri di Cartapesta – Luca Sarcinelli

[...] Art and research in comparision [...] a show dreamlike and surreal [...]
Paese Sera – Rocco Bellantone

[...] A show that requires a performing high precision and remarkable cleanliness execution achieved with excellent results [...] – Alessandro Paesano

[...] The mixture of different techniques and languages is the heart of the show [...]
Corriere della Sera