Festival inEURoff: an encounter between different expressive languages in an urban setting. Site-specific theatre, classical aerobatics, documentary films, large scale shows, dance, music-concerts. All this and more is to be found at the inEURoff Festival! The chosen space plays a vital role: EUR, the cornerstone of the Roman Business District. Due to its unique architectural features, EUR proposes the ideal proportions and scenographic backdrop to give life to various kinds of artistic productions, such as large-scale spectacles and site-specific shows.


RACCONTI E INCANTI was the subtitle of the 2014 edition of the inEURoff festival. Tales of distant stories, that seem so close, and traditional enchanted legends that still live on in our memories.
An journey that is articulated by various narrative elements and techniques: from performing arts to nouveau cirque, from dance to video. The distinctive feature of inEURoff, just like every year, is its Multidisciplinary Nature with events using specific techniques and languages and/or a mixture of all forms.

inEURoff was financed by EUROPE – LLP Grundtvig Programme that has led to the festival being part of a Cultural Exchange Project with other 7 Countries from the E.U. inEURoff is a partner and founder of the River//Cities Project, the European platform for the development and the promotion of cultural projects in urban and waterfront areas, financed by the European Cultural Foundation. The Artistic Direction of inEURoff is part of the C.Re.S.Co., a National Collaborative organisation of the Contemporary Performing arts made up of festivals, companies, professionals and artists from different fields, working together to defend the dignity of work for those who operate in this industry, the recovery of a recognized role for contemporary artists in the national social context and the overall development of research and innovation in the various artistic expressive languages.

The second edition of the inBorgo Festival took place in Borgo Velino ( Rieti ), from 17 to 23 of August, 2015, an international event created and organized by Ondadurto Teatro, within the framework of the European project, Contact Zones, established with the aim of creating interactions between performing arts, the audience and urban spaces, with Borgo Velino being the second milestone.


The Festival is a real mix of urban and narrative theatre, new circus, performing arts and video art, where the classical arts, documentaries and open air shows are combined to celebrate the meeting of different forms of expression and performing arts.


Four days of performances, seven days of national and international workshops, four international companies, over forty artists involved. The 2015 programme included foreign companies and important names from the national scene, an important figure of note was Ascanio Celestini. From 17 to 22 of August 2015, the inBORGO programme also involved the neighboring municipalities of Collerinaldo and Antrodoco, where surreal and dreamlike characters go the patrons involved in the show using the old technique of calling out to the audience, helping them get into the nearby festival atmosphere. Tourists and locals also greatly enjoyed the workshops and laboratories that took place during the week.