ONDADURTO OFFICINA is a Cultural Laboratory that contributes to the education of the audience and to the development of social consciousness with regards to the language of live shows and the knowledge of the various artistic expressions, with particular attention being paid to URBAN THEATRE and STREET ART.

ONDADURTO OFFICINA deals with URBAN ART in the broadest sense of the term. The parallel work carried out between URBAN THEATRE and STREET ART allows for both an increase in cultural opportunities and a way to make them usable; THEATRE STREET transforms a space which are commonly used and turns it into a place of encounters, exchange, action and reflection, permeating it with the echoes and impressions of the show long after the performance itself has taken place.

STREET ART, likewise, describes spaces which had never previously been used in a new artistic way, transforming them into part of the urban reality.

The distinguishing feature of Ondadurto Officina is its multidisciplinary approach, with events that make us of specific languages and techniques of expression, or their combination.

ONDADURTO OFFICINA operates in collaboration with other CULTURAL LABORATORIES in the LAZIO region in order to improve relationships and coalitions with other production companies and local, national and international organizations. ONDADURTO OFFICINA was created in collaboration with REGIONE LAZIO ASSESSORATO ALLA CULTURA and BORGO VELINO MUNICIPALITY ASSESSORATO ALLA CULTURA.