Every year ONDADURTO TEATRO carries out theatre laboratories directly in schools and is active in the field of Children’s Theatre with family shows.



The primary aim of this laboratory, designed as an educational activity for the body and mind, is to create an aptitude for the theater in boys and girls through the acquisition of “stage presence” and helping them developing a more conscious sense of themselves and their movement and actions.


But the educational function of the theatre can be also linked to its ability to develop the children’s level of communication and receptivity; so our aim is to enhance the principle of togetherness and working as a group by raising awareness through rhythm, music and the dynamic equilibrium of the stage.


Following this is work on acting, both comedy and tragedy, which will proceed in parallel on various levels: role-play, the study of expressive languages, improvisational theatre and ending with staging techniques. This explorative journey starts with the awakening of the body and continues through individual and collective games of improvisation, with the rediscovery of an authentic and conscious relationship between “myself and the space” and “myself and others”.



One of the historical shows from the company. Performed Internationally since 2008.

The show was selected for the International week of Italian Culture in the World


Taken from the tradition of masks in the Commedia dell’Arte, a work inspired by the Canovaccio scenarios of the most famous 16th-century Commedia dell’Arte acting troupes: Compagnia dei Gelosi, dei Golosi, dei Rintronati.

Arlecchino, Pantalone and Pulcinella will all appear on stage; The Lovers, Leandro and Angelica; Pedrolino, Capitan Spaventa and Doña Apollonia.


The show is brought to life through the bodies of the actors, bodies that define, in a non-verbal language, a specific type of character. The performance is punctuated with a farcical, fast-paced and dynamic rhythm: 5 actors play the part of 8 different roles.


As in any Canovaccio, Leandro and Angelica are madly in love and they want to get married.


But there is Capitan Spaventa who, with craftiness and subterfuges, makes Pantalone sign a marriage contract: Angelica will marry the Capitan! But… How will it end?