A marvellous journey in the company of colours and watercolour paints. A joyful and profound experience, which will reconnect you with the present moment and help you better understand your desired destination. Colours are a wonderful means of identifying all the nuances of our lives, they nourish and sustain us, showing us the most intimate parts of ourselves.

The course will be taught by MARZIA MAIER, journalist, herbalist, naturopath, flower therapist, crystal therapist and art therapist. All materials are included.

Info e costi

Quota di partecipazione: euro 100

Tessera associativa: euro 8

Per iscriversi contattare:

Marzia Maier cell 347.7853320

Giorgia Conteduca cell 328.6973543

[email protected]

dove e quando

Ondadurto Hub

via Carlo Cattaneo, 22A – Roma

Sabato 17 e domenica 18 dicembre 2016 ore 9.30 – 19.00