ONDADURTO TEATRO has realized special events for: - 2014 New Year Event, City of Genova >> 15.000 people has enjoyed the event - Vodafone Foundation Italy - Museum Cappela San Severo // Cristo Velato Commune of Napoli - Commune of Sassari - City of LIENZ (Austria) - City of Fiumicino - Estate Romana - MACRO // Ex Peroni "Tribù dell'Arte" - Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome ONDADURTO TEATRO has realized exchange programs: Cuba - India – Thailandia - Chile Here some example of our big events realized  

DROM... a forza di essere vento

A large scale show characterized by fantastic figures, oversized objects and machineries and special effects. The legendary theme about man and his nature: an amazing trip through two cultures in comparison. DROM... a forza di essere vento is a strong visual impact show. It has got a clear point of view, their point of view, the gipsy’s one, foreigner in a land does not want them. An attentive game of echoes between reality and poetry, between dreaming freedom and cruelty of workaday life. The event was realized for the VODAFONE FOUNDATION.  


A chariot of 15 mt in lenght / a tower hight 12 mt / an aerial dance at 9 mt of hight / 1 swimming pool of smoke / 13 performers. The event was created in occasion of one of the most important and beautiful Carnival Parade of Lazio Region, near the city of Rome. The Carnival of Fiumicino is an event near to city life and its inhabitants. The performance was performed on an entire chariot homage to the Arabian Nights, inspired by the great Master Federico Fellini. The chariot was created in collaboration with Massimo Carsetti.