The tale of a journey, the story of a dream, an oniric trip that fascinate the audience. An homage to the great Italian director Federico Fellini. A open air show with images of strong visual impact, Felliniana is inspired by masterpiece as La Dolce Vita, E la nave va, La strada, Le notti di Cabiria, Boccaccio '70 creating rarefied atmosphere and black and white settings. All at once many characters from the great director's movies pop up somewhere in downtown, surreal characters meeting and going through the venue. A site specific event using buildings and locations of the involved town. Acrobatic choreography, live music, light and water effects, big moving machineries, mashing up with performers live action. Directed by: M. Paciotti Concept: M. Paciotti, L. Pasquali Machineries: M. Carsetti, L. Pasquali Production: Ondadurto Teatro Co-production : inEURoff Festival Main sponsor : M. Carsetti Patronage: Fellini Foundation