Action#1 / C’era una volta

An event which mixes poetry, entertainment and intrigue. The attention to detail and carefully designed scenery and machinery create a strong visual and emotional impact. A small piece of fairy-land thrown into an urban contest, mixed with technology make for a surreal performance: the wicked Stepmother, and her tantrims, hurling red apples and her entourage always ready to pick up them. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”


A fairy-tale character moving around on an iron-clad, mobile throne manipulating everyone according to her whim. A funny, Charming Wolf and his bungling minions will act out their adventures with shoot-outs, pursuits, beautiful dolls…and even beating up the poor Grandma.


The careful use of scenic machinery blends perfectly with movement of the live performers, expanding their gestures and stage presence, creating choreographic movements with intense visual effects.


Directed by: M. Paciotti
Concept: M. Paciotti, L. Pasquali
Machinery: M. Carsetti, L. Pasquali
Costumes: C. Tortora
Production: Ondadurto Teatro