Action#1 / C'era una volta

An event joining poetics, entertainment, intrigue. A well-finished scenery and machineries create a strong visual and emotional impact. A little fairy world thrown into urban contest with technological blend for a surreal performance: the wicked Stepmother, and her vices, hurling red apples and her entourage always ready to pick up them. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” A fabulous character going around on a ironed mobile throne manipulating everyone according to her whim. A funny Charming Wolf and its bungling minions will live their adventures, between shootings, pursuits, beautiful dolls…and beating up the poor Grandma. An accurate use of the machineries blending up with performers live manipulation, enlarging gesture and stage presence, creates choreographic movements leading to intense visual effects. Directed by: M. Paciotti Concept: M. Paciotti, L. Pasquali Machineries: M. Carsetti, L. Pasquali Costumes : C. Tortora Production: Ondadurto Teatro