Tour 2018


Terra Mia

A desecrating and irreverent look at the exodus of a prospective human race seeking a future elsewhere. A visual spectacle with strong emotional impact, a game of carnage in the quest for an identity that can be completely invented. “SOCIETY ONLY WANTS YOU NOT TO LEAVE THE GAMES TABLE AND TO MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH CHIPS TO PLAY”
(Zygmunt Bauman)


The show, created for Romaeuropa Festival, sent to reflect on a feeling that is undervalued all too often – the predisposition of the soul to be surprised by all it does not know. This characteristic is so marked in children and should be rediscovered by adults.

inBORGO Performing Arts Festival

17–1°SETTEMBRE 2017

inBORGO Performing Arts Festival, organized by ONDADURTO TEATRO, is an international and multidisciplinary kermesse, founded in 2014 to promote the interaction between performing arts, urban spaces and the audience that crosses them, decentralizing the cultural offer.
In the 2017 edition, 4 towns in Northern Lazio are involved: Borgo Velino, Colle Rinaldo, Contigliano, Frasso Sabino, all in the province of Rieti.

C’era una volta

Premiere in Mexico
April 17 – 18
>> Mexico City


Thanks to INBA for this tour.


Premiere in Chile
March 27-28 >> La Reina / Santiago
March 30 >> La Granja / Santiago


A big project in collaboration with Espacio CEAT.
Thanks to all our partners that are following and supporting us in this amazing adventure.

Carnival in Rome

February 15
from 14:00 to 19:00
>> via dei Fori Imperiali


ONDADURTO TEATRO waits for you in Rome, at the Fori Imperiali, on sunday 15 February, for an entire afternoon of open air shows. In the wonderful landscape of the Fori, music on video, gorgeous scene machines, stilts, acrobatics, circus elements and waterworks will lead you into a magic atmosphere, in an unforgettable artistic journey. Apart from ONDADURTO, other intenational companies – seven in the whole – coming from Spain, France and Italy, will play their best rep in a double session, in the first and the late afternoon.